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SPIEF 2012: Jostein Davidsen on Leadership

Jostein Davidsen

Head of emerging markets commercial operations, Takeda, the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, which is building a $100 million plant in Yaroslavl

Q: What makes leadership work?

A: It's the top leader who sets the aspirations of the company so it can build a peak-performance management team that will work effectively over time, not just in the short term.

Q: Where is Russia's business climate headed?

A: I think it's positive overall. Look at Europe, the United States and Japan, where growth is declining. The growth is in the emerging markets, and Russia is one of the most solid emerging markets. Russia's natural reserves are immense, the infrastructure is on a moderately solid level, and the government is really attracting investment and putting it high on the agenda. From my point of view, if you have a sizeable business and are thinking in the long term, you should invest in Russia.

Q: What area would you most like to see improvement in, and how would you recommend improving it?

A: If I stick to my pharmaceuticals area, the key priority would be extending the life expectancy, which is among the lowest on the globe. I would focus on the social sector and healthcare. More emphasis should be placed on reimbursing the population for healthcare costs and rebuilding infrastructure in hospitals and clinics. We all know that nothing works without good health.

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