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Communist Party Leader Hospitalized

Zyuganov at a May Day event last month Maxim Stulov

Communist Party head Gennady Zyuganov has been hospitalized in the Stavropol region, with conflicting reports about what happened to the 67-year-old politician.

The Communist Party said in a statement Monday that Zyuganov was at a hospital in Kislovodsk getting a checkup for acute knee pain and high blood pressure.

But tabloid LifeNews reported that the thickset politician had a heart attack while visiting the Zarya resort in Kislovodsk, citing resort director Alexander Yelizarov, who is also a doctor. Yelizarov told the news site that Zyuganov was attached to life support equipment and could soon be sent to Moscow for treatment.

Stavropol health minister Viktor Mazharov told Interfax that Zyuganov had come to vacation at Zarya and was undergoing an "in-depth checkup," some parts of which were being done at a medical facility within the resort.

Zyuganov arrived in the Stavropol region last week, where it was earlier announced that he would participate in a party seminar June 5 and 6.

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