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Duma Deputy Robbed at Ritzy Hotel

State Duma Deputy Gennady Gudkov at an opposition protest Dmitry Abramov

State Duma Deputy Gennady Gudkov was robbed at the upscale Hotel National across from the street from the Kremlin after a conference, Gudkov said Wednesday evening.

“Today, someone stole my wallet with all my documents. Right in the National, where I hung the jacket next to the table. Such ridicule from my wife!” Gudkov wrote in Twitter.

Gudkov, a former Federal Security Service officer and a deputy from the left-leaning A Just Russia party, said he discovered his belongings were missing in the hotel's cafe when he noticed his documents and credit cards had been taken from his jacket pocket. The items, which included his passport and medical insurance forms, were apparently taken from his coat while it was hanging near his table.

“There was almost no money (what money can there be, when they rob your business!), but there were many documents and it will take a long time to restore them. It's darn offensive!” Gudkov said in another Twitter message.

Police are combing through security footage in an attempt to catch the criminal.

"Relax: there were guards everywhere, cameras, and a respectable public. By the way, the thief can be seen on the video very well, tomorrow I will give the video," Gudkov added.

Earlier this month, police raided Gudkov's security company that provides private security to major Western firms like IKEA and Procter & Gamble in what its founder, State Duma Deputy Gennady Gudkov, called punishment for his support of anti-Kremlin protests.

Police accused the private security company Pantan, a subsidiary of Gudkov’s Oskord security holding, of improperly using and storing its guns and decided to cancel its permits to keep the weapons, police said.

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