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Husband Stabs Wife in Bank, Writes 'I Love You' in Blood on Window

The estranged husband of a Sberbank employee in the Primorye region fatally stabbed his wife in the bank Tuesday — scrawling the chilling message “Yulia, I love you” in blood on a window before being arrested.

The brutal stabbing took place in broad daylight in a Sbеrbank branch in Fokino. The man snuck inside when employees opened the doors for a guard to make a cash pickup, Interfax reported.

“A 32-year-old man jumped over the barricade, found his spouse and stabbed her at least six times,” investigator Avrora Rimskaya said.

The man was detained by bank security guards before he could flee, but only after he managed to leave the disturbing love note scrawled on the bank window.

The couple was reportedly going through a divorce.

Investigators said the victim died from a wound to the heart, and even if paramedics had arrived immediately they would have been unable to save her.

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