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St. Petersburg Man Sentenced to Penal Labor After Ice From Balcony Kills Pedestrian

A St. Petersburg man was sentenced to 1.5 years of correctional labor and a fine in the wrongful death of a woman who was killed last year by a block of ice that fell from the man's balcony, Interfax reported Monday.

On March 11 of last year, a chunk of ice plummeted from the balcony of Sergei Kuzmin, landing on the head of 18-year-old Yelizaveta Latychevskaya, who died at the scene of the accident. A court said Kuzmin was guilty of failing to clean ice from his balcony, which he had renovated without proper authorization.

Kuzmin was ordered to one year and six months of penal labor and to pay 15 percent of his earnings to the government.

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