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Driver Questioned in Prosecutor's Death

Police interrogated, but did not detain, the driver of a KamAZ truck that ran over a senior prosecutor in southern Moscow, killing him, RIA-Novosti said Tuesday.

Gennady Nisiforov, 59, department head at the Prosecutor General's Office, was hit by the truck late Monday when crossing a road, Interfax said. He died of injuries in the hospital.

Nisiforov was accompanied by his wife and child, none of whom were hurt.

Police said in a statement that the unidentified driver lost control of the vehicle and might face up to five years in prison over the incident.

But an unidentified law enforcement source told RIA-Novosti that the 49-year-old driver, who works for the MOEK utilities company, might be cleared because Nisiforov was crossing the street on a red light.

Nisiforov made headlines in November, when his secretary accused him of attempted rape. The Investigative Committee, which is embroiled in a turf war with the prosecutors, opened a case, but Nisiforov's agency had it closed over lack of evidence.

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