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OMON Faces Charges for Raid Violence

Investigators have opened a criminal case against officers of the OMON riot police who were accused of seriously beating at least 20 people during a raid at a roadside cafe in the Tyumen region, reported Tuesday.

The officers face charges of abusing their authority during the raid at the City at Night cafe on Nov. 26 in the town of Zavodoukovsk.

Prosecutors decided to examine the case after local doctors reported treated several badly beaten people caught up in the raid, including a pregnant woman and a minor, according to various media reports.

The authorities said at least 20 people suffered injuries in the raid, although initial reports suggested that the number was closer to 70 people, the news site reported.

Officers said they had conducted the raid because of a high number of reported crimes connected to the cafe, including drug dealing, robbery and beatings, police told

Prosecutors also said officers found to have used "incorrect tactics" in the raid were disciplined, but kept their jobs.

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