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In the Spotlight

This week, “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker came to Moscow and dodged a kiss from a Bolshoi Theater security guard, who was overwhelmed by the chance to get close to his idol.

Oleg Dontsov, a guard at the Bolshoi construction site, got the chance to lunge at Parker as she had a personal tour with her people, wrote.

“So close to the enchanting star, the guard completely lost his head,” it gushed. “Oleg expressed the emotions that filled him to the brim in the form of a kiss.”

The video on the newspaper’s web site shows Dontsov standing next to Parker for a photo and then leaning in for a kiss. Parker, dressed casually in a gray T-shirt and jeans, lets out a little scream.

Her bodyguard grabbed her in time and pulled her away from the guard, reported.

The web site quoted an assistant of Parker as saying: “He forcibly took her by the shoulders and placed her beside him to get a photo on his cell phone. Sarah tried to turn it into a joke, saying ‘Thank you,’ but the man got overexcited and leaned in to kiss her.”

“Luck came my way. Sarah is a great actress, and as a woman I could not but like her,” Dontsov, a sturdy man with a lived-in face and 1980s hair, told the newspaper. “All of that just poured out.”

The newspaper’s web site was full of approving comments, saying he acted like a real Russian man, or maybe a Ukrainian. Although some thought he let the side down with a “dumb” gesture.

The guard’s bosses told the newspaper that they were considering whether to sack him.

Apparently Parker wasn’t too upset by the incident, as also filmed her signing Dontsov’s bare chest after he unbuttoned his black work shirt.

It’s true that “Sex and the City” really took off in Russia, perhaps because it also has plenty of glamorous unmarried women who are not too thrilled by the men on offer. But it is a little surprising that a burly security guard should be swept away by Carrie Bradshaw and her dating woes.

Parker was in Moscow to present a trailer for her latest film, “I Don’t Know How She Does It” at the Ritz-Carlton, ahead of the premiere later this month.

Vesti television downplayed the glamour of the event. “She walked along a red carpet leading from the toilet to the conference room of the hotel,” it said, adding a grumpy note that the journalists had to wait four hours for her to turn up. Which is a long time, even by Hollywood star standards.

Parker told journalists that she tried vodka before the news conference, although she does not usually drink, and even expressed a great love for Russian cooking.

She also talked of reading “Anna Karenina” and “Crime and Punishment” — only for the Utro newspaper to sniff that these weighty tomes are just what every Russian child studies at school. You can never win.

As part of her sightseeing, she went in the metro and stroked the lucky dog statue’s nose at the Ploshchad Revolyutsii station. She also visited the Manolo Blahnik store and signed the sole of a pair of blue satin shoes.

Her visit came soon after actor Chris Noth, who played her love interest in the series, Mr. Big, came to Moscow in July for those star-studded Federation Fund charity concerts at Vorobyovy Gory. He left a good feeling among journalists by chatting to them in the bar in a surprisingly non-showbizzy way.

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