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Post Crisis, Job Applicant Quality Is Down

Job seekers are failing to match the requirements of prospective employers, a new survey by recruiting agency Kelly Services has revealed.

The company evaluated the skill level of prospective candidates from a range of industries across 15 regions over the last two months. The average candidate works at a company for between one and two years, does not know English well, and received a skills-to-requirements rating of 3.34 on a scale of one to five.

Half of all job candidates today regard themselves as sales managers, according the survey, which is the third in a series profiling job candidates.

The study suggests that the number of "job hoppers" — people who had held their position for less than two years — has dropped to 34 percent last year, compared with 49 percent in 2009.

About 40 percent of job seekers of all levels know English poorly despite the growing demand for that skill.

Financial and industrial managers are the most well prepared of all candidates on the job market, the study showed.

"The average level of candidates has dropped somewhat compared with 2009," said Yekaterina Gorokhova, general director of Kelly Services CIS.

"During the crisis the selection was much better; contenders of quite a good level entered the market," she said. "When the situation stabilized, the most qualified people found work, so it is only logical that the range in the quality of candidates has grown and that the average level has dropped."

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