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Cop Shoots Neighbor

Yekaterinburg residents will rally to demand an unbiased inquiry into the actions of an on-duty policeman who shot dead his neighbor in a drunken brawl, RIA-Novosti reported Monday.

The officer, Pavel Miroshnikov, went home for dinner early Sunday, meeting the victim, Yevgeny Ilyushenko, who was smoking in the apartment building’s stairway, police said.

Ilyushenko, who was renting an apartment in the building, refused to tell the officer what he was doing, which led to a verbal spat and then a brawl, during which he was killed by what police said was the accidental discharge of Miroshnikov’s gun.

The police have opened an investigation.

The rally will take place on Feb. 5, provided City Hall authorizes it, organizer Kirill Formanchuk said.

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