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General Staff Sackings

Alexander Burutin, first deputy chief of the General Staff, and several other senior Ground Forces and Navy officers were fired by President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday, the Kremlin said on its web site.

General Staff Deputy Chief Anatoly Gulyayev and Yevgeny Safonov, deputy commander of the Railway Forces, were sacked and discharged from the military, as were three major generals, an admiral and two rear admirals.

Colonels Nikolai Arkhipov and Sergei Vasilyev, both responsible for military equipment purchases, were fired from their posts but kept their ranks. No explanation was given, and no replacements have been named so far.

Burutin, 53, oversaw the military industrial complex, helping create the United Aircraft Corporation in 2006 and the United Shipbuilding Corporation in 2007, RIA-Novosti said.


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