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Kremlin Investigates Worm, Mulls Suit

The Kremlin promised Thursday to check the salad production chain at its kitchen after a governor reported being served an earthworm at a state dinner — but hinted that it did not believe the allegations and may even sue.

Tver Governor Dmitry Zelenin, 47, posted on his Twitter blog a photo of an annelid he said he found on his plate at a reception in honor of German President Christian Wulff on Tuesday.

A Kremlin spokesman said a check in the kitchen was scheduled despite the “absurdity of the situation,” but added that he doubted the existence of the earthworm at all.

“Preliminary analysis” indicated that Zelenin's photo was not taken in the Kremlin and showed a different plate from those used at Tuesday's dinner, Viktor Khrekov, press secretary for the Office for Presidential Affairs, told Interfax.

He said the check was ongoing but added that the governor might face legal consequences if his accusations are proven false. He did not elaborate.

Kremlin aide Sergei Prikhodko said Wednesday that Zelenin — who had already deleted the Twitter post and photo — probably deserved to be dismissed for “imbecility.” The two-term governor was last re-appointed in 2007.

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