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Heat Wave Gives GAZ Workers 2 Weeks Off

GAZ Group said Monday that it would give its factory workers the next two weeks off because of the sweltering heat at its Nizhny Novgorod plant.

The temperature reached 35 degrees Celsius on Monday, with forecasts predicting 40 C later this week.

"The management of GAZ Group, together with labor unions, has made a decision to grant corporate leave to the employees of its main production companies from July 26 to Aug. 8, 2010. The decision has been made due to anomalous heat," GAZ said in a statement.

The plant, which has worked six days a week because of high demand for Gazel Business vehicles, will resume operations, with six working days a week and a monthly production volume of 8,000 to 10,0000 cars. Workers will get double pay for extra days of work.

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