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Ex-Miss Russia Accused of Hoarding Pills in Rehab

NEW YORK — Prosecutors say a former Miss Russia has been hoarding pills to try to get high while in court-ordered drug treatment.

A New York City judge said Tuesday that Anna Malova can stay in a residential rehabilitation program for now. But she may have to go to trial if she gets another bad behavior report at a May 1 court date.

Defense lawyer Robert Gottlieb says Malova is "struggling with her drug illness" but understands her situation.

The city Special Narcotics Prosecutor's Office has charged Malova with forging prescriptions to get painkillers. Under the current plan, she can get the case dismissed if she successfully completes 18 months in treatment.

Trained as a doctor, Malova was Miss Russia and finished in the top 10 in the Miss Universe pageant in 1998.

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