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Russian Swan Dies of Heartbreak After Partner Killed by Zoo Visitor

Hans / Pixabay

A brokenhearted swan at a zoo in Nizhny Novgorod has died of lingering depression after his partner was killed by a visitor at the start of the year.

The male swan, named Gvidon, began shunning the company of other birds and eating less after his partner Tsarevna (Princess) died in January, the Limpopo Zoo said Thursday in an online statement.

Gvidon was placed under 24-hour veterinary observation and was hospitalized when he grew weak, but vets were unable to save him and he died last Thursday.

"Gvidon literally didn't want to live without his beloved Tsarevna, and his swan-song has come to an end," the zoo said.

Tsarevna died of a heart attack on Jan. 29 after a visitor fed her a piece of bread with a sewing needle inside.

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