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Moscow's Crazy Roads: Agile Moose Narrowly Threads Its Way Through Cars

Editor's note: This video is part of a series. The Moscow Times will publish a selection of unusual incidents on roads in Moscow and the Moscow region in the coming weeks. Watch this space for more video clips.

A moose barely avoided slamming into traffic while crossing a road that passes through a park in northeast Moscow earlier this week.

Footage of the incident shot on a dashboard camera of a passing car shows the moose appear suddenly out of the woods in Sokolniki park on Monday morning, running full speed onto the road.

As it approaches and almost runs into a passing car, it pulls up quickly, then sprints past as the car moves ahead of it.

The car with the camera shooting the scene has to brake for a moment to let it go past, into the forest on the other side of the road.

Moscow's Crazy Roads:

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