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Muscovites Line Up Outside H&M as Stores Reopen for Final Sell-Off

Visitors queue at H&M store in Moscow. Gleb Schelkunov / Kommersant

Clothing chain H&M reopened stores in Moscow on Tuesday in order to sell-off its remaining stock before permanently exiting the Russian market. 

Long lines of people were seen outside an H&M store at Moscow’s Aviapark shopping center, according to footage posted on Telegram by news outlet Baza. 

H&M group, which opened in Russia in 2009 and owns brands including Monki, Weekday, Cos and Cheap Monday, paused its Russian operations in March after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. The company said it was shutting down permanently in Russia four months later. 

Lines of customers were also reported Tuesday at an H&M store in the Russian capital’s Metropolis shopping center. 

All H&M stores in 65 Russian cities are expected to reopen to sell off remaining stock in the coming weeks.  

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, hundreds of Western brands have left Russia, including Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA and U.S. fast-food retailer McDonalds. 

IKEA stores in Russia also saw long lines before they closed down.  

Russian news outlet Kommersant reported Thursday that H&M group was looking for buyers for its 170 Russian stores and its near 60,000 square meter distribution center.  

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