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What is the Legacy of Serfdom?

This project of New Economic School (NES) focuses on the problems of the economy, crises, healthcare, education, and personal investments.

Have you ever wondered why people in Russia have such a negative attitude toward private property?  One of the reasons may be the very first privatization carried out by Pyotr Stolypin at the beginning of the 20th century. People today have a more a negative attitude toward private property in regions where his reforms caused more conflicts. And this is not the only consequence of the Russian past. 

What was the impact of serfdom? How can we rid ourselves of its legacy? These and other questions are discussed by Andrei Markevich, a professor at the New Economic School and co-director of the joint bachelor's degree program at the New Economic School and Higher School of Economics, in the podcast "Economics out Loud" from the New Economic School.