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12 storeez - A Russian Fashion Brand

It can be pretty hard to find local brands you love in a new country, so you often stick with the usual suspects. That's why we where so happy when we discovered "12 storeez", because this is a Russian fashion brand we got to love! It is a fashion brand that started in 2014 by two Russian twin sisters. At that time 12 storeez had 3 people in their team and they started with one showroom in Ekaterinburg. Now 12 storeez has 26 physical stores around Russia as well as a successful online webshop. 12 storeez offers collections for women and men.

12 storeez Facebook page
Even though the brand specializes in basic wardrobe, they have an evening collection, some shoes and jewelry. We like their modern design and neutral colors. And they have office wardrobe as well as more casual options.
The great feature we love is that they add some new items to their collection once a month, and their goal is that new designs they introduce should go well together with the existing items in the current collection.
So check it out and treat yourself on something new!
Location: Main Shopping Centers in Moscow (Metropolis, Aviapark, Artium, Ochotniy Ryad)

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