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Fluff Flies Into Russia's Capital

As Moscow slips into summer, poplar trees shed their seeds, filling the air with bits of down — or pukh — and inspiring sneezes everywhere one goes. Based on previous years, this phenomena is likely to last until July.

When Muscovites aren't busy prying the pieces of fluff from their eyes and noses, they're documenting the summer snow with plenty of photos.

Here's a look at their best images:
dariaandreewa / Instagram

It's like winter, but itchy. 

Natural phenomenon or an apocalypse upon us? 

Garden on a cloud? 

Keep your doors closed and your mouth shut. 

We all do what we can to keep the streets clean. 

Armed and ready for an influx of fluff coming in 3...2....

It is ill-advised to stay still for too long; you may never be found again. 

Plenty to take home, though also not something we'd recommend. 

A pair of confused ducks fail to glide across the land. 

Stand tall and face the fluff storm like the champ you are. 

A silver lining to this (fluffy) cloud: It makes for pretty cool photos. 

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