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Russian Post Office Worker Attacks Customer With Straw Broom, Video Shows

anya_gvozdeva555 / Instagram

A post office clerk in Russia’s southern Krasnodar region attacked a woman with a traditional Russian straw whisk broom for trying to send a package, a video posted to Instagram shows.

The bristled attack took place when Instagram user Anya Gvozdeva visited the post office to send a package which the post office then refused to process, she wrote in the Instagram caption. When Gzodeva asked the head of the department, Ekaterina Zubova, for a written confirmation of the refusal, the request clearly hit a nerve — as Zubova is shown promptly launching into a prickly attack.

Her weapon of choice: The vednik, a traditional Russian broom made from woven straw that is normally used to sweep snow and cigarette butts off the streets. As the confrontation continues, Zubova also threatens to call the police and swears at Gzodeva, the video shows.

The regional Interior Ministry’s press service later added that the customer had previously been linked to another incident at the post office, with Gzodeva allegedly verbally abusing a clerk.

“Witnesses confirmed that the conflict was provoked by the client who had used foul language and insulted staff at the Russian Post branch,” the Krasnodar Interior Ministry was quoted by the news website as saying.

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