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Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Russia After Engine Catches Fire


A regional airliner has made an emergency landing in southern Russia after one of its engines caught on fire.

A Red Wings flight headed to the resort city Sochi was forced to land at Ufa airport shortly after takeoff when the jet’s left engine caught fire, the airport said on its website Wednesday.

All 202 passengers aboard Flight 808 were evacuated via an emergency slide and were unharmed. Investigators said they were working to determine the cause of the engine fire while local media reported experts had ruled out impact from an outside object.

In videos on social media, passengers were heard reacting stoically — with occasional nervous laughter — to the sight of the burning Tu-204 engine outside their windows.

“Suddenly, I’m not that keen about flying,” one of the passengers said as the plane circled before landing.

Others posted videos of firefighters putting out the flames and the evacuation process, while the burning plane was also caught on camera from the ground.

A replacement airliner has delivered those still willing to fly to Sochi after a six-hour delay.

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