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Russia Accuses U.S. of Inspiring Pogroms and 'Caveman Nationalism' in Eastern Europe

A Ukrainian nationalist throws eggs at the Russian Center for Science and Culture Petr Sivkov / TASS

Russia’s Embassy in the United States has accused Washington of inspiring ‘pogroms’ in Eastern Europe after violent anti-Russian demonstrations swept the capital of Ukraine. 

Dozens of Ukrainian nationalists smashed windows and vandalized the buildings of two Russian-owned banks and one Moscow-based aid agency in Kiev on Saturday. Russia’s Embassy in Ukraine issued a note of protest after the nationalist group attacked the Rossotrudnichestvo aid agency’s building and burned the Russian flag, the RBC business portal reported Saturday. 

Russia’s diplomatic mission in Washington accused the U.S. of failing to condemn the “flagrant manifestation of aggressive nationalism” in Ukraine in a Facebook post published Sunday.

“We expect Washington officials to stop supporting caveman nationalism. Not only in Ukraine. But also in other Eastern European countries,” the Russian embassy wrote.

“As the events in Kiev show, this leads to pogroms, and escalations of xenophobia and extremism.”

The Russian mission further speculated that the attacks in Kiev may have been “inspired” by the confiscation of two Russian diplomatic compounds by the previous U.S. presidential administration over election meddling claims.

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