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Pavlensky Transferred to Psychiatric Hospital After Setting Bank of France on Fire

Pyotr Pavlensky / Nikerichev Andrei / Moskva News Agency

Russian performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky has been transferred to a psychiatric hospital by French authorities after an act of arson against the Bank of France, French media outlet Le Figaro reported Wednesday.

The artist was arrested on Monday night in Paris after setting the Bank of France on fire. His partner and accomplice Oksana Shalygina uploaded photographs of the scene with Pavlensky’s caption denouncing “bankers (who) assumed the place of the monarchs” and calling for the “great French Revolution.”

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Pavlensky’s partner will remain in custody on charges of intentional damage to property belonging to the Bank of France, Le Figaro reports.

Pavlensky has gained a reputation in Russia for his series of visceral anti-Kremlin stunts that included wrapping himself in barbed wire on the Red Square and burning down the front doors of the Russian Federal Security Services building.

Facing what he claimed to be false sexual allegations, Pavlensky fled Russia with his partner and two daughters in January. In May, France granted them granted political asylum.

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