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U.S. Senate Proposes New Sanctions on Russia


The U.S. Senate has proposed new sanctions against Russia’s railway, mining, and shipping sector and sectors related to metallurgy, the Interfax news agency has reported.

The proposed sanctions came in response to Russian involvement in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and alleged involvement in last year's presidential elections in the United States.

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer says the move shows that countries “will be punished if they interfere in [U.S.] elections.”

The non-partisan measures were agreed by two key Senate committees, the Banking and Foreign Relations committees, the Wall Street Journal Reported

In addition, the proposed bill prevents the U.S. President from lifting the sanctions without the approval of the US Congress.

The measures are an addition to a bill targeting new sanctions against Iran, set to be voted on soon.

This position is a reversal from May when Senate Republican Bob Corker in charge of the Foreign Relations Committee said that sanctions against Russia would not be part of the proposed Iran sanctions bill, Politico reported. 

If the Senate does pass the bill, it would have to be signed by U.S. President Donald Trump before becoming law.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he thinks Donald Trump will sign the bill after it is voted on, but also said the Senate is ready to override a veto decision.

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