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8 Things to Do During Maslenitsa Pancake Week

Maslenitsa, also known as Pancake Week, is the last week before Lent. It celebrates the end of winter, symbolized by the burning of effigies. The celebration has been been getting more popular in recent years and now there is a Maslenitsa event on practically every street corner. To help you navigate the Maslenitsa week and eat only the best pancakes,The Moscow Times has compiled a list of the most interesting events. 

Moscow Maslenitsa 

Pancake heaven for everyone in the capital 

More than 30 pancake stalls will appear in the city center streets on Novy Arbat and Tverskaya streets between Feb. 17-26. Here, you can attend a pancake-making masterclass or be inspired by recipe for sumptuous blini — with toppings like berries, condensed milk, or seafood. Public spaces will be decorated with straw Maslenitsa effigies, ice sculptures, and a Russian toythemed carousel. Don’t know what pancake frisbee or shooting is? This is your one chance to find out what these alternative carnival games are all about. more info (in Russian) at festivals/maslenitsa


Kuskovo Estate 

Party like a count 

The Kuskovo Estate will host its own Maslenitsa festival. While taking a tour of the manor of Count Sheremetev, you can learn about the extravagant celebrations held for distinguished guests in the 18th century. Enjoy a folklore ensemble and the tour for 550 rubles per person. For an additional 150 rubles, you can snack on pancakes and fragrant tea in the museum cafe. Individual appointments can be reserved on Feb. 25 and 26.

										 					KUSKOVO ESTATE

Imperial Carnival at the Izmailovo Kremlin 

Wave goodbye to winter pre-revolutionary style 

Over Feb. 20 to 26, the Center for Russian Culture at the Izmailovo Kremlin will be hosting the largest and most traditional celebration in the city. The program this year is features activities such as pancakemaking masterclasses, folk dancing, and a child-friendly adaptation of RimskyKorsakov’s opera “The Snow Maiden.” The Kremlin will also be housing new installations during the week: Expect a snow maze, an ice slide and much more. 

73 Izmailovskoye Shosse 

Metro Partizanskaya

										 					IZMAILOVO KREMLIN

Maslenitsa in the Hermitage Gardens 

Celebration in the heart of the city 

Don’t feel like traveling all the way to Ded Moroz’s Manor or the Izmailovo Kremlin for Maslenitsa? No need to fret, since some of the best celebrations will be taking place right in the city center, in the Hermitage Gardens! With an array of spectacular performances, dancing, and singing, this year’s celebration promises to be a real treat for the eyes. But the cherry on top has got to be the preparation of a huge pancake worthy of a Guinness world record. Grab yourself a hot drink and a slice of this culinary wonder and get ready to shed those endof-winter blues. 

Feb. 26, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

Karetny Ryad 

Metro Chekhovskaya  


Maslenitsa Weekend at Nikola Lenivets 

Burn some art 

The popular Nikola-Lenivets park in the Kaluga region, 200 kilometers southwest of Moscow, is organizing a whole Maslenitsa program from Feb. 23 to 26. Check out the site-specific land art installations, before taking part in burning one. The art object to be burned is called “Pyramid.” It was constructed over the winter by Russia’s most prominent land artist — also the founder of Nikola-Lenivets Park — Nikolai Polissky. 

Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga region.


Kolomenskoye Park 

More pancakes in the park 

Say farewell to the long winter with spirit at Kolomenskoye’s weekend celebration. The two-day event (Feb. 25 and 26) will include games, dances, concerts, and, of course, pancakes. The first day will feature a Maslenitsa performance, while the second day will be a rowdy affair, offering of competitions and singalongs to live music. 

39 Prospekt Andropova 

Metro Kolomenskaya

Maslenitsa at Grandfather Frost’s Manor 

Pancakes and tea with Ded Moroz 

Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) is the Russian version of Santa Claus. On Feb. 26, Ded Moroz’s Manor in southeast Moscow will host its very own Maslenitsa carnival. For one day only, Ded Moroz will give up his home to make way for a celebration of singing, dancing and, of course, pancake-eating. The Talitsa folk ensemble will be performing folk songs for you to get up and dance to, no matter how old you are. And of course the day would not be complete without the burning of effigies — with the help of artists from the Moscow Fire Theater. 

Usadba Deda Moroza 

168d Volgogradsky Prospekt 

Metro Kuzminki

										 					USADBA DEDA MOROZA

Maslenitsa at Flacon 

Compete against hipsters at the design factory 

The Flacon design factory will host its own Maslenitsa festival on Feb. 26, giving guests a full schedule of Russian history and contemporeanity. The festival will kick off with a performance of weapons, fist-fighting and archery. After that, the guests themselves will be able to compete in Russian games played since pagan times: sack races, tug of war, balance beam battles and more. The festivities will end with a majestic fire show and the traditional burning of winter effigies. 

36 Ulitsa Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya 

Metro Dmitrovskaya

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