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U.S. Sanctions on FSB May Affect Electronics Supply to Russia

TechStage / Pixabay

U.S. sanctions on Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) could impact the import of electronics to Russia, the RBC newspaper has reported.

Imports of any device with an encryption feature could be hampered as part of sanctions on the FSB, which is typically responsible for providing permission to import devices with the capability. Mobile phones, tablets and even wireless mice may all be impacted, RBC reported.

A number of companies, including Baker McKenzie, a management consultant firm, have warned their clients about possible administrative contacts with the FSB.  

"Since the FSB carries out certain administrative functions such as review and approval of commercial encryption products for import and distribution in Russia, the effect on certain U.S. companies and individuals doing business in Russia could be significant," a company statement said. 

Baker McKenzie noted that now U.S. companies may be required to apply for permission from the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control in order to submit necessary documentation to the FSB for the import of encrypted electronics.

Outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama announced new sanctions against Russia last December in response to charges that Russia had attempted to influence the presidential elections via hacking. The FSB is on the list of organizations and individuals included in the sanctions.

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