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Russia Should Celebrate Christmas ‘Like Rest of World,’ Says Zhirinovsky

Moskva News Agency

Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky has appealed to the country's State Duma to return Russian Christmas Day to Dec. 25, the RIA Novosti news agency reported Wednesday.

The Russian Orthodox Church currently celebrates the birth of Christ on Jan. 7, in accordance with the Julian calendar. Most Western nations celebrate on Dec. 25, as dictated by the Gregorian calendar.

"The whole world celebrates Christmas on Dec. 25, and we here in Russia we have a man who was born on Jan. 7. Why not switch back?", Zhirinovsky asked in a State Duma meeting on Tuesday.

Zhirinovsky, the flamboyant and outspoken leader of Russia's Liberal Democratic party, has previously advocated for Russia to revive “God Save the Tsar” as the national anthem.

Zhirinovsky has also argued that Russia’s flag should return to its pre-revolutionary colors of black, yellow and white.

New Year still remains Russia's biggest holiday after decades of Soviet-imposed atheism. The country's winter holidays last from Jan. 1 to Jan 7.

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