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Russian Man Dismembers Friend for Insulting His Accordion Skills


A 63-year-old man in the Russian city of Cheboksary has been arrested on suspicion that he murdered his friend for insulting his accordion skills.

According to the MediaZone news agency, local investigators say the man attacked his 66-year-old friend after a drunken quarrel, hitting him in the head and the legs. The murder was apparently not an accident. To finish the job, the suspect reportedly fetched a sledgehammer and drove it into his victim, before taking a nap.

The body remained in the man’s home for three days, by which point he decided to use an axe to dismember his old friend, sneaking out pieces of the body in suitcases and trash bags. He failed to dispose of the body parts carefully, however, and trash collectors soon discovered the victim’s remains outside his apartment building. That same day, police managed to identify the victim and the murder suspect.

The man then fled to a nearby village. When police inspectors found him, he spent several hours resisting arrest, armed with a pitchfork.

In the end, the man surrendered to law enforcement, confessing to the murder. He even left some pieces of the victim in his apartment, telling officers he grew tired of carrying the body parts downstairs.

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