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Ivan the Terrible Monument Vandalized in Russia's Oryol

A man has been arrested and charged with "petty hooliganism" for placing a sack over the head of a recently unveiled monument to Ivan the Terrible in Oryol, about 360 kilometers southwest of Moscow. Local police received a phone call about the vandal on the night of Oct. 30, according to the Interfax news agency.

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The police then apprehended the attacker "without delay." The charge of petty hooliganism is a misdemeanor and carries a fine.

On Oct. 14 Russia's first monument to Tsar Ivan IV, better known as Ivan the Terrible, was unveiled in the city of Oryol near the confluence of the Oka and Orlik rivers. 

Thousands of kilometers east, in the Siberian town of Kansk, a local artist recently erected his own monument to Ivan the Terrible — a bloody spike planted in the snow. Over the weekend, it was chopped down.

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