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Moscow City Hall Bans Nationalist March

Maxim Stulov / Vedomosti

Moscow authorities have rejected applications from ultra-nationalists to hold their yearly “Russian March,” a far-right demonstration that takes place on Nov. 4 on National Unity Day.

City Hall rejected an application made by Dmitry Demushkin, the former leader of banned far-right organization “Russians,” who is currently under house arrest.

The coordinator of the event, Ivan Beletsky, told the Interfax news agency that three out of four of applications made by nationalists for the event to take place legally have been rejected. The decision on the fourth is expected to be known on Friday.

Beletsky said nationalist organizations are deciding how to proceed with the Russian March now that it has been banned. Russian nationalists have been organizing the “Russian March” on National Unity Day, which marks the expulsion of Polish-Lithuanian forces from Moscow in the 17th century, since 2005.

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