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Assad's Wife Condemns 'Biased' Western Media on Russian State TV

Syrian Presidency / AP

The wife of Syrian President Bashar Assad has appeared in an interview on Russian state television to condemn the Western media.

The interview, carried out by Kremlin-backed news outlet Rossia-24, focused on Mrs. Assad's humanitarian efforts.

The former investment banker also used the opportunity to condemn the Western media, claiming that the news outlets had “an agenda.”

"Why were the children in the village of Zara'a [which were reportedly killed and kidnapped by the Al-Nusra Front] not covered in the media as well as the tragedy of Aylan Kurdi [the toddler who was photographed after drowning in the Mediterranean Sea,] and Omran [Daqneesh, the child who was photographed in an ambulance after being pulled from the rubble in Aleppo]?” she asked.

The Western media have chosen to focus on these tragedies because they conform to their agenda. The West has divided our children involved in the conflict according to the political beliefs of their parents. All of them are innocent children, and their loss is the loss of Syria," she said.

“The Western media prefer to focus exclusively on the plight of refugees and people in the territory controlled by armed groups, when the majority of displaced people are living in Syria. These people are just as important as the rest," she said.

The clip makes part of a longer documentary — Asma Assad: Between War and Peace — set to be aired on Oct. 22.

Asma's husband gave a similar interview to Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda on Friday. He used the chance to praise the Kremlin, declaring that Moscow was involved in the Syria conflict for "morals, not self-interest."

The Al-Nusra Front is a terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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