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Family in Siberia Scores Internet Infamy Thanks to Google StreetView

The mean streets of Novoaltaysk Google StreetView

The denizens of Novoaltaysk, a Siberian city located roughly 3,500 kilometers east of Moscow, are stars of the Russian Internet this week, thanks to the all-seeing eye of Google StreetView.

In an image recorded back in 2013, Google photographed a family of three, collapsed outside in a heap of garbage and lawn furniture. In the picture, bottles and grocery bags are strewn about the yard, and two of the people are piled on top of each other.

Russian tabloid Life News tracked down the family, who claimed that the picture showed them returning home from a day at the lake. The family's father insisted that he was not passed out drunk, and that the bottles of alcohol in the yard were there "by coincidence." 

“This was a normal day of relaxation. We didn’t bother anybody, and we weren’t having sex outside,” the father said.

The city’s social services started monitoring the family for regular alcohol abuse in 2010, Life reported.

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