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Kremlin Denies Warning Turkey of Imminent Coup

The Kremlin has denied reports that Russian intelligence warned the Turkish government of an imminent coup, the RBC newspaper reported Thursday.

Iran’s Fars news agency, citing diplomatic sources in Ankara, alleged Wednesday that Moscow warned Turkish President Recep Erdogan of a military coup being prepared against his government several hours before the start of the coup on July 15, which killed 290 people.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia’s government was unaware of such communications with Turkey’s government prior to the failed coup.

“I have no information of that nature and I do not know which sources the Fars agency are citing,” he said on Thursday.

According to Fars, the Russian military managed to intercept coded radiograms containing information about coup preparations which were then shared with Turkish intelligence agencies.

The intercepted plans included plans of helicopters traveling to the coastal resort of Marmaris, where Erdogan was staying before the coup began, Fars reported.  

Turkey’s military claim their intelligence services received information of preparations for a military coup several hours before it began and subsequently informed the general staff.

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