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Drunk Education Employees Behind Russian Summer Camp Shootout

The two men behind gunfire at a children's camp in Russia's Ural region have been revealed as drunk employees of the local education department, the Rosbalt news website reported Tuesday.

The men began firing air pistols at buildings at the Orlyenok camp in the Snezhinsk district on the night of June 2. After spending some time shooting at windows, the men then entered the buildings and continued shooting inside. No one was hurt as a result of the incident.

The police were only called when a number of frightened children, aged between 16 and 17, contacted their parents, local news website reported. Air pistol cartridges, gas canisters, and alcohol were seized at the scene.

The mother of one of the children identified one of the men as a lawyer and the other as a safety inspector for the Snezhinsk education board, Rosbalt reported.

Both men are to be charged with hooliganism and regional authorities have demanded that both shooters be removed from their posts, the website reported. Camp administrators are also to be investigated.

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