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Russia to Create Educational System For Migrant Children

Russian specialists are developing an educational system for migrant children that will help them to integrate into society by forming a Russian outlook, the Kommersant newspaper reported Monday.

The first suggestions prepared on a government order have been presented by the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. They include programs on the Russian language as well as the creation of textbooks “with carefully selected cultural material” aimed at forming “the Russian view of the world.”

In addition to that, experts have suggested that an optional course on tolerance be included in the curriculum. This course will teach children to understand that “immigrants are bearers of unique cultures, that enriched Russian thought in the past and will be extremely useful in the future,” Kommersant reported.

According to the experts, such a system will prevent the formation of “closed ethnic enclaves” in Russia.

The Education Ministry told the newspaper that the university's suggestions are to be discussed further and developed. They didn't specify when the final project will be formed.

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