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Moscow Lifehack: Can I bring my dog — or lorris — to Moscow?

Can I bring my dog to Moscow?

Can't live without your furry friend? Unlike most processes in Russia, bringing a pet into the country is surprisingly straightforward. If the animal you're traveling with is a cat, dog , or — to quote Aeroflot — "another type of indoor animal such as a polecat, ferret, meerkat, fennec fox or loris," you won't even need to subject them to quarantine.

You will however need to tick a few things off the list before you fly. Firstly, make sure your pet is microchipped and has been vaccinated against rabies 21 days to 12 months prior to your departure. Keep the certificate as proof. Then ensure your four-legged friend has also been vaccinated against any other breed-specific illnesses. Cats will need to undergo a test for dermatophytosis. Your local vet will then need to complete a veterinary certificate for Russia within 15 days of your departure to be presented at the airport. Upon arrival, you will be required to register your pet at the airport veterinary service to ensure they are in good health. If all the necessary formalities have been adhered to, you and your furry friend will both be free to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of Moscow.

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