Russia's Education Watchdog Suspends Accreditation of Petersburg's European University

Russia's education watchdog, Rosobrnadzor, has suspended the accreditation of a European university in St. Petersburg, the RBC news website reported Friday, citing a press release.

State accreditation will also be revoked from the Tomsk Institute of Economics and the Amur Institute of Agricultural Economics and Business. The reasons given were that the level of training provided to students was deemed insufficient and both failed to eliminate persistent inconsistencies.

In the case of suspension or removal of state accreditation, a university can continue to educate students and award its own certificates, but it cannot award diplomas, offer Ministry education or research, or guarantee that students will delay military conscription.

At the end of February, Rosobrnadzor had fully or partly removed state accreditation for seven universities, three of which have now closed.

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