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Moscow Lifehack: Ordering Takeout in Moscow

How can I order takeout?

Moscow now has a whole host of websites that allow you to order and pay either online or by cash when your food is delivered — all without having to brave the dreaded Russian-language phone call.

One of the most popular sites in Moscow is As the name suggests, it's one of those classic Russian combos of Japanese and pizza. The website is in Russian but it's very easy to navigate. You can opt to pay by card or cash, and you'll receive a text confirming your order and an approximate delivery time. Delivery is free in Moscow for orders over 500 rubles.

Fancy pizza without the dill? Papa John's is your man. The website has an English version, and the same delivery rules apply as with pizzasushiwok. Another go-to is, which offers good-quality sushi and an English-language website.

The site is in Russian, but it is an aggregator site that has a complete list of eateries in Moscow that deliver. Unfortunately, you will be directed offsite and left to fend for yourself once you've found the foodie match of your dreams.

Whether you order on the phone or online, you'll also need to have detailed info on the location of your apartment (number, floor, entrance) and your mobile number to hand.

A word of advice — if you are ordering during rush hour, place orders in up to an hour and a half in advance.

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