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Moscow Office of TASS News Agency Searched by Investigative Committee

The Moscow office of the TASS state-run news agency was searched by the Investigative Committee on Friday, the agency reported.

The search was not carried out in connection with the activities of the agency, TASS's spokesman Dmitry Pertsev said, the Vedomosti newspaper reported.

“The search was carried out in connection with an employee and his previous employment,” Pertsev was quoted by Vedomosti as saying.

Pertsev didn't disclose the name of the employee or his position.

The Moscow Times contacted a number of TASS staff members for comment, but they said they were prohibited from doing so.

The office of the Mikhailov & Partners communication agency was also searched on Friday. The agency was founded by TASS general director Sergei Mikhailov, the Vedomosti newspaper reported, citing two sources close to the company.

Mikhailov was unavailable to comment when contacted by the newspaper Friday.

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