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Two Killed in Shootout at Moscow's Elements Cafe

A gun fight in a cafe in central Moscow has claimed the lives of two people and left at least eight others injured, Russian media reported Tuesday.

According to the Interfax news agency, a row broke out between a group of customers and members of a renovation team at work at the Elements cafe on Rodchelskaya street. Some of those involved were armed and eventually opened fire.

The investigation suggested that a disagreement over financial obligations had descended into violence, Interfax wrote in a separate report on Tuesday afternoon, quoting an unidentified source from Russia's Investigative Committee.

Three suspects have been apprehended and were being interrogated, the report went on to say.

They are now facing criminal charges of vandalism, unlawful possession of weapons, and murder.

As of Tuesday afternoon, two people had been reported dead and four hospitalized, with a further four suffering light wounds which could be treated on the spot.

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