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Son of Russian Retail Tycoon Detained in Relation to Mother's Death

Yegor Sosin with his mother

Police have detained the 19-year-old son of a Russian retail magnate on suspicion of strangling his mother to death, while under the apparent influence of drugs, Ekho Moskvy radio reported Tuesday.

Yegor Sosin, son of the owner of the “Starik Khottabych” supermarket chain Igor Sosin, was arrested at the Korston hotel in Kazan, after employees complained of a client's disorderly behavior, the report said.

The body of the supermarket magnate's ex-wife Anastasia Sosina was found in the hotel room she had rented with her son, news portal reported. The young man appeared to be under the influence of drugs at the time of the arrest, the report said.

“I met with mom for some kind of treatment procedures, mom gave me some pills,” the younger Sosin was quoted by as saying. “And later in the apartment – that is, in our hotel – some strange things started happening, hallucinations, as I see it now.”

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