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New Editor-in-Chief Appointed to The Moscow Times

Mikhail Fishman

Liberal Russian journalist Mikhail Fishman was appointed editor-in-chief of English-language paper The Moscow Times on Thursday, the newspaper’s owner Demyan Kudryavtsev said.

“He is a decent, well-known and well-connected person,” Kudryavtsev, who bought the paper earlier this year, said in e-mailed comments to The Moscow Times.

The appointment of Fishman comes less than three weeks after former editor-in-chief, and veteran The Moscow Times reporter, Nabi Abdullaev, resigned because of what he said were “differences” with Kudryavtsev.

Prominent journalist Fishman was the editor-in-chief of Russian Newsweek when it was shut down — reportedly because of financial losses — five years ago. He has since hosted his own show on liberal television station Dozhd and is an editor at Internet news site

First published as a daily paper in 1992, The Moscow Times switched to a new, 16-page weekly format this week.

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