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Shorter Contracts Proposed for Russian Soldiers Fighting 'International Terrorism'

Russia's Defense Ministry has proposed that shorter terms be introduced for contract soldiers involved in fighting international terrorism outside Russia, according to a draft bill published Monday on the government's legislation portal.

The current legislation allows soldiers to be employed for terms of two, three or five years, with

exceptions made only in the case of emergency situations such as national disasters, a note on the portal said.

The amendment would allow contracts with a term of between six months and one year to be issued to contract soldiers and reservists engaged in “combating international terrorist activities outside Russia, activities to maintain or restore international peace and security and naval campaigns.”

If passed, the amendment could go into force in August next year, the note said.

Russia announced the start of an air offensive in Syria last month in a military campaign that Western leaders say is designed to help shore up the regime of the country's controversial President Bashar Assad.

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