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'Krasnogorsk Shooter' to Be Buried in Georgia After Being Found Dead

One of the pistols Georgadze was holding.

The body of Amiran Georgadze, the man suspected of brutally killing four people in the Moscow region last week, will be transported to his native Georgia for burial, the RBC news agency reported Sunday, citing the head of Greentown, a company owned by Georgadze.

According to Alexander Avramenko, Georgadze — who has been dubbed the "Krasnogorsk shooter" in the media — will be buried in the village of Kveda-Sazano in Georgia later this week, the report said.

Georgadze was found dead by investigators in a dacha country home in the village of Timoshkino on Friday evening following a days-long manhunt by the authorities, the Interior Ministry said Friday in an online statement, adding that preliminary evidence suggested he had committed suicide.

After noticing a broken window, the owner of the dacha notified the police, who arrived on the scene and discovered Georgadze's body, the Moscow region's Investigative Committee said Saturday in an online statement.

Georgadze, who was found with а gunshot wound to his head, was holding two semi-automatic pistols and was also carrying ammunition and several documents.

A probe has been opened into Georgadze's death and the case will continue to be investigated until "all the circumstances behind and reasons for the committed crimes have been established," the statement said.

Georgadze presumably died on Oct. 19, the report said — the same day he reportedly killed four people, including two local officials: the first deputy mayor of Krasnogorsk, Yury Karaulov, and the head of the local electric company, Georgy Kotlyarenko.

The other victims were Georgadze's business partner Tristan Zakaidze and a local resident.

The village where Georgadze was found is also the location of the head of the Krasnogorsk region Boris Rasskazov's dacha, RBC news website reported Friday, citing three unidentified sources. The report said Georgadze might have wanted to target the politician next, presumably over a business dispute.

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