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Lights, Chekhov, Greece — Moscow's Festival Weekend

Attention, Chekhov lovers! On Friday at noon in Moscow, the Chekhov Lives! project starts its marathon reading of the works of one of the world's favorite writers.

After running around to the various events of the Biennale, don't be surprised when the buildings around you suddenly look … different. Starting this Sat. and running until Oct. 4, Moscow celebrates the Circle of Light — an annual festival in which light designers and 2-D and 3-D graphic designers use the urban space of Moscow as canvas for multimedia and light installations. There will be nine venues, including the Bolshoi Theater, VDNKh, and the Ministry of Defense. For more information and schedule, see: Entrance is free. Just look up!

Attention, Chekhov lovers! On Friday at noon in Moscow, the Chekhov Lives! project starts its marathon reading of the works of one of the world's favorite writers. For 24 hours 700 readers in over 20 locations around the world — including New York, London and Hong Kong — will read plays and short stories by Anton Chekhov. Check out the schedule of works and venues on the site and settle in to watch and listen on YouTube.

On Sunday, you can leave the Russian world behind and go to Greece, conveniently located for one day in the Hermitage Gardens. The Moscow Greek Society, with support from the city, is holding an all-day festival with a gladiator show, Greek arts and crafts, dance lessons to learn the sirtaki — Zorba the Greek style — and plenty of singing, eating and drinking.

Hermitage Garden. 3 Ulitsa Karetnaya. Metro Pushkinskaya, Chekhovskaya, Tverskaya. 495-699-0849. Noon to 9 p.m. Entrance free.

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