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3 Kilos of Heroin Worth $91,000 Seized in Moscow

Officers from the Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN) seized 3 kilograms of heroin worth 6 million rubles ($91,000) and detained a band of drug dealers on Thursday, the TASS news agency reported.

The drug dealers, according to FSKN spokespeople, were Uzbek and Tajik nationals. They had rented an apartment in Moscow where they packaged the drugs, which were then distributed to the southeastern part of the city.

First the officers arrested the courier, who had concealed 300 grams of heroin in a pot of yogurt and his underwear. They then detained the suppliers and confiscated 2 kilograms of drugs from them. Another kilogram was found at the apartment.

“The seized amount [of heroin] is worth an estimated 6 million rubles on the black market,” the FSKN spokesperson was cited by TASS as saying Thursday.

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