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Moscow to Spend $15 Million on New Highway Guardrails

A Moscow government initiative to replace highway guardrails will cost the city budget more than a billion rubles ($15 million), a tender published online showed.

The winner of the tender will be determined on Oct. 5 by state-run company Avtomobilnye Dorogi (Automobile Roads), according to documents published on the government's official state procurement website.

Under the tender, the winner will over November-January have to remove and install some 294,800 meters of metal guardrails, accounting for around 7 percent of the capital's roads, the RBC news agency reported Tuesday.

One upshot of the work could be an aggravation of Moscow's traffic problems. The replacement of the guardrails will add to the disruption created by another 1.5 billion ruble ($22 million) program to upgrade many of the city's concrete curbs, according to RBC.

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