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Russian Man's Naked Metro Ride Caught on Camera

Moscow police are looking for a man who laid it all bare on the city's metro earlier this week, LifeNews reported Tuesday.

Video footage published by the sensationalist news agency showed a completely naked man in a metro car.

The man entered the car at Borovitskaya station in downtown Moscow on Sunday evening and got off at Polyanka, the next stop on the Gray Line, LifeNews reported, citing witnesses.

“Everyone noticed him as soon as he got on. Firstly, the car was practically empty, and secondly, he was stark naked,” LifeNews cited a fellow passenger as saying.

Witnesses said the naked man appeared to be smiling at someone in the neighboring car, to whom he had presumably lost a bet, while all the other passengers acted as though nothing unusual was happening.

“When the car arrived at the next station, the naked man got off together with his fellow traveler, they burst into laughter and it was clear the man had lost a bet,” LifeNews cited a witness as saying.

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