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Russian Boys Aged 5 Escape From Kindergarten to Buy Jaguar

Two small boys in Russia's Ural Mountains city of Magnitogorsk broke out of kindergarten to buy a Jaguar car, a news report said.

The two boys, both aged 5, had prepared for the breakout several days in advance by digging a passage underneath the kindergarten's fence using their toy spades, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported Tuesday.

During afternoon break, the boys saw their chance and escaped underneath the fence, before walking for almost two kilometers in the direction of a Jaguar car dealership.

When approached by a concerned woman near the showroom, the boys said they wanted to buy a car — but lacked the funds.

The woman then took the car enthusiasts to the nearest police station, the report said.

The kindergarten teacher on duty at the time of their flight has been fired, the newspaper reported.

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